Dinkles Marching Shoes

For 38 years, DINKLES has been the leader in marching shoes for marching bands and drum and bugle corps around the world. Learn more about the Quality, Style and Performance crafted into every pair of DINKLES® shoes, boots and gloves.

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Welcome to the home of DINKLES® Marching Shoes

Since 1986, the World’s Greatest Band Director, Dr. Harry L. Dinkle, has endorsed DINKLES® full line of marching shoes, boots and band essentials.

No other shoes on the market are constructed better or tested more than DINKLES®.

With All-Star band members and Champion marching bands and drum and bugle corps putting them through their paces, DINKLES® have proven themselves the best shoes available in the laboratory and on the field, floor and parade route.

Black and White Shoes

DINKLES® Marching Shoes allow you to put your best foot forward no matter the performance.

DINKLES® defined an industry and revolutionized the marching activity 35 years ago by building Quality, Style and Performance into every pair of shoes with the DINKLES® name on them. A legacy that continues today.

Choose the shoe style that is the perfect fit for your group, from the affordable Glide®, the sporty Edge™, the stylish Formal™ or the top-of-the-line, all-leather, Vanguard™.

Put your best foot forward with DINKLES, the World’s Greatest Marching Shoes.

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