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What Makes DINKLES Marching Shoes Different

Want to know what makes DINKLES footwear so special? Here is just a short list of reasons why!*

  1. Why are DINKLES superior in wet and dry conditions over the competition?
    With DINKLES the sole material is no more than 55 durometer (hardness) rubber. The skid-resistant Chevron-designed tread pattern prevents slipping and adds precision to all marching maneuvers. There is at least 80% rubber to filler in the soles. (100% rubber would leave black marks) All this makes DINKLES the safest marching shoe on the market.**
  2. What allows a student to march all day in comfort when using DINKLES?
    DINKLES are equipped with shock-resistant soles and insoles, a cotton lining, and a very stable, DINKLES exclusive, “TRIAD” heel providing more heel and ankle support. Additionally, there is a 4-part ball, flex-feature comfort pad built into each shoe.**
  3. What makes it so easy to march in DINKLES?
    With DINKLES it is the blend of the shoemaking last and sole design to give counter-tread balance and stability to each step. This makes it easy to do a roll step, a glide step, and a releve` or backward step on toes. This comes with 24 years of experience.
  4. What is the track record of DINKLES with regard to durability?
    Conservatively, DINKLES are lasting 4 to 5 years of normal marching. Use of high quality materials allows us to achieve this extraordinary record. Many band member sell or donate their shoes to younger band members. At $30.95 and $40.95 the yearly cost to the student is between $6.99 to $8.99/year. This is based on feedback from schools, directors, and students.
  5. Are DINKLES hard to maintain?
    DINKLES use of properly chosen, superior materials, such as the protected leather used on the Vanguard and the high grade vinyl used on the Glide and Formal, require little or no maintenance at all. (Warm soapy water or protective wipes is all that is required.) This is based on our maintenance suggestions and feedback from schools, directors, and students.

    The same leather used on DINKLES is used on fine golf shoes and postal workers shoes.

* Why do we answer these questions? Because we can! Making marching shoes is all we do!

** Independent testing conducted by Artech Testing LLC of Chantilly, VA. Artech compared DINKLES with all of the main competitors on the market today.