cleaningA great feature of DINKLES shoes is that you do not need special or expensive shoe care products to keep them looking great.

The leather shoes in the DINKLES line like the VANGUARD and STINGER have a full leather upper with a microporous finish that is scuff resistant, water-resistant and easily cleaned. Just clean with soap and water or diluted leather cleaners. A shine can be put back on the leather with a car care product such as Armorall® ; we found Armorall® wipes work really well.

If the shoe is scuffed through the finish, only polish the scratched area with the coordinating color.

The DINKLES GLIDE and EDGE can be cleaned the same way as the leather shoes. Use a diluted vinyl cleaner instead of leather although many leather cleaners can also be used on vinyls.

The HOLLY and STACIE boots are both Vinyl and can be cleaned the same way as the GLIDE and EDGE.

The FORMAL is a high gloss patent Vinyl. The best way to clean them is with window or glass cleaner. For extra shine, apply a light amount of silicone spray and smooth into surface.