• Marching Shoes
    Marching Shoes
    DINKLES carries an assortment of the finest marching shoes in the World to meet each demand a band may need. Whether it is the Vanguard, Glide, Formal or Edge, one of DINKLES shoes will be right for you.
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  • Front Line Shoes
    DINKLES carries a full line of guard and frontline footwear. All are available in ladies sizing in a variety of colors.
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  • White Boots
    DINKLES boots not only look good, they feel good. They are made with comfort in mind featuring extra padding in the heel area and shafts to accommodate a variety of calves.
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  • Gloves
    DINKLES has your feet covered so let us cover your hands with our own line of quality gloves. DINKLES gloves feature reinforced stitching and the ability to be washed for longer use. We carry cotton gloves in variety of lengths, sizes, with grips, without grips and all the cotton gloves in your choice of white or black. DINKLES also has Nylon gloves that also feature…
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  • Additional Items
    Additional Items
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