DINKLES carries an assortment of the finest marching shoes in the World to meet each demand a band may need. Whether it is the Vanguard, Glide, Formal or Edge, one of DINKLES shoes will be right for you.

  • The Edge Marching Shoe
    The Edge™ Marching Shoe
    As a rule, kids aren't crazy about marching shoes. Unless they're DINKLES® and especially if they're the DINKLES Edge™ model, which is the industry's first sneaker/marching shoe. A contemporary athletic…
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  • Vanguard Marching Shoe
    Vanguard™ Marching Shoe
    The Classic All-Leather Marching Shoe The Vanguard is a true classic. Not only the shoe that started the industry, but defined it. Since its introduction in 1986, no other shoe…
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  • Formal Marching Shoe
    Formal Marching Shoe
    Sometimes appearance matters most. And for those times, DINKLES offers the Formal™ to directors and students who need a highly polished shoe to perform their highly polished routine. Constructed with…
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  • Glide Marching Shoe
    Glide™ Marching Shoe
    Who says budget constraints need to impact the appearance and comfort of your marchers? DINKLES Glide is the most affordable shoe on the market today providing the safety and stability…
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