• Style #709 White with Black Sole
Womens 5½ to 12 (Full and half sizes) Mens/Boys 3½ to 16, (Full and half sizes except 12½, 13½, 14½ and 15½)
Medium width. Wide widths available in Men's 6½ to 11½, 12, 13, 14 and Women's 8½ to 11½. Where to Buy

The Classic All-Leather Marching Shoe

The Vanguard is a true classic. Not only the shoe that started the industry, but defined it. Since its introduction in 1986, no other shoe has so consistently performed on parade routes and football fields across America and the world. The all-leather upper and countertread rubber sole is the standard by which all others are measured.

  • FULL LEATHER UPPER with a microporous finish that allows feet to breathe. It's scuff resistant, breathable, water-resistant and easily cleaned.
  • Special Rubber Blended (TPR) Sole for superior traction on all surfaces.
  • Cotton Vamp Lining for dryness and comfort.
  • Runner's Ortho Cup - contours to the foot to cushion every step.
  • Triad Heel designed for corps-style marching and to eliminate heel wobble.
  • The natural extension (dorsiflexion) of a human's ankle is 20° Even at an angle of 60°, the stability of the Triad Heel is unmatched. Only DINKLES exclusive design can provide this degree of stability, balance and safety while marching.