history_shoeThe Savoca family began their proud tradition of shoe craftsmanship in the 1940’s. Over the past seven decades, styles and fads have come and gone. However, quality and value have never gone out of style.

Back in 1940, when Sam Savoca had an idea to manufacturer his first pair of majorette boots times were a little bit different. Terms like corps-style, rolled heel, color guard all had different meanings…or no meaning at all.

Since then, the Savoca family have been proud craftsman designing and manufacturing the best marching shoes in the world. Over the past 70-plus years, the Savocas have continued to adapt and play a role in the activity in which we all flourish today.

Each generation has stayed committed to providing band directors, music educators, students and parents with products they can be proud to use. We’ve enhanced our products and stayed at the cutting edge of what was needed as times and marching routines changed.

Now, in the 21st Century, DINKLES builds upon its rich tradition of innovation, and inviting you to come with us every step of the way.

Today, DINKLES Marching Band Shoes are distributed from Up-Front Footwear, Inc. located in Mount Joy, PA. For the past 30 years, we have established ourselves as the leader in marching band footwear and continue to put our best foot forward for performers around the world.

March With Confidence

When developing our full line of marching shoes and boots, we listened to what directors and performers wanted in a marching shoe. All of our shoes have the highest flexibility, unmatched durability, and rubber soles for traction and safety. We will not use PVC (plastic) soles on our shoes. Not only are PVC soles slippery and dangerous but PVC posses an environmental waste hazard in manufacturing and disposal.

You can march with confidence as each model of our shoes have been laboratory tested for durability, abrasion, flexibility, and material strength. No other marching shoe brand on the planet goes to the lengths DINKLES does to prove they are the World’s Greatest Marching Shoes.

When you are serious about performing and want marching shoes built to the specifications of a shoe manufacturer, there is no other choice than DINKLES Marching Shoes.
Innovation, when combined with pride, becomes a wonderful tradition. And this tradition is evident anytime you or your students lace up a pair of DINKLES for an event, whether it’s the local fourth of July Parade or the World Championships.

Our Timeline

Sam Savoca produces his first pair of marching shoes and majorette boots for the local high school
Jerry Savoca begins manufacturing shoes with his father in the family’s shoe factory
Jerry manufacturers his first pair of band shoes
DINKLES bursts onto the scene with the Vanguard the first leather, flat rubber soled marching shoe
Jeff Savoca becomes the third generation of the Savoca family to manufacture marching shoes
DINKLES introduces the Glide, the first moderately priced marching shoe with popular performance and appearance features
DINKLES expands the product line to include band front shoes, such as the Stinger, Fling, Kicker, Stacie and Holly
DINKLES introduces the Edge, a comfortable and stylish, sneaker-like marching shoe
The Flexy debuts as an ultra-flexible front line shoe to stand the rigors of indoor and outdoor color guard demands
DINKLES moves relocates to their new home in Mount Joy, PA
DINKLES celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary as the World’s Greatest Marching Shoes